Pidan "Little Monster Series" Pet Plush Toy

These little monsters are from an unknown galaxy "pidan-109".

Fluffy is pink and germaphobic. So, it looks like a mop. And also soft, sweet and thoughtful.

Herbo is a green dinosaur. It grazes all year round, so its arms are degraded and gone.

Nerrdy is blue. It has only one eye but is extremely strong and reliable.

Eggssi is yellow. It hatched from an egg of an unknown species that's half angelic and half demonic.

Each has a slice of catnip in them. So, they attract your cats naturally by releasing the smell your cats love.

The monsters' wish is to be with your cat forever. These monsters and the catnip inside will not mold even if you wash them. The catnip inside works continuously.




1. These toys are washable.

2. Use only neutral detergent to avoid corrosion and discoloration. 

3. After washing, you lay the toy to dry and avoid direct sunlight.


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